Bazar fly-screen

The legend says

According to a Vietnamese legend, the mosquito was born of a sad love story of a betrayed lover.

Once upon a time, there were two young happy newly weds who lived in a village on stilts next to a lake. But then one day the bride became terribly ill and died in a few days

The spirit of the lake, saddened by the widower's grief, pricked his finger to draw out a drop of blood with which to bring back to life his dead spouse. The spell brought her back to life and they lived happily and care-free for many years, forgetful of the their horrible experience. But one night the spouse ran away.
Oblivious to her husband's entreatments, she returned the life she had been given by pricking her finger and giving back the drop of blood. But her body suddenly turned to dust, falling into the water of the lake and becoming alive. And out of this mosquito larvae were born.

Still today the spouse refuses to accept her fate and every night she returns as a mosquito, stinging and drawing blood from her victims in the hope of once more becoming human.




Derby: the ready-to-use extensible fly screen No need to drill holes in casings and walls for mounting. Can be quickly and easily fitted onto the shutter guides.

Fantasy is a truly easy-to-install fly-screen for doors and windows consisting of two coloured panels.
Ideal for the holiday home, whether at the seaside, in the country or in mountain resorts.

Original and unique! The first fly-screen designed for pressure mounting.
No drill, no holes in the wall

Fly-screen for roller shutters.
A unique patented flyscreen suitable for all roller shutters.


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