Bazar fly-screen



Mosquito screen production is a strategic sector in which we have always been searching for new solutions, both for new products and systems adopted to speed up window fitters' work.


In 1998 we were the first to design, patent and manufacture a mosquito screen set to revolutionize the market due to the innovative concepts it introduced: BAZAR, THE RAPID MOSQUITO SCREEN.


Many years on, the system covered by a series of patents has been much imitated but never equaled. This "EXPANSION FASTENING" system allows window fitters to fit the product without using drills or screwdrivers (no holes in the wall, no screws or anchor bolts)

No holes in the wall, no drill, no screws

For fitters this means:

  • Faster installation
  • Window area cleaner and intact
  • Greater end customer satisfaction

Logistics and distribution


Our centrally-based logistics department, strategically located, and the availability of our own transport, allows us to despatch orders quickly over the whole national territory.



Derby: the ready-to-use extensible fly screen No need to drill holes in casings and walls for mounting. Can be quickly and easily fitted onto the shutter guides.

Fantasy is a truly easy-to-install fly-screen for doors and windows consisting of two coloured panels.
Ideal for the holiday home, whether at the seaside, in the country or in mountain resorts.

Original and unique! The first fly-screen designed for pressure mounting.
No drill, no holes in the wall

Fly-screen for roller shutters.
A unique patented flyscreen suitable for all roller shutters.


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