Bazar fly-screen

Zanzariera Bazar Hobby

Mounting instructions

1 - Measure width (L) and height (H) of the opening.

2 - Cut the screen Cassette and the Handle Bar shorter than 2,5 cm.

3 -Cut the side channels 8,2 cm SHORTER than the measured width.

4 - Assemble the cap to the cassete , insert the components into the handle bar and assemble the endcovers to the cassette.

5 - Insert the cassette into the window opening

6 - Insert the side into the plugs

7 - Insert the side channels into the cassette

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Derby: the ready-to-use extensible fly screen No need to drill holes in casings and walls for mounting. Can be quickly and easily fitted onto the shutter guides.

Fantasy is a truly easy-to-install fly-screen for doors and windows consisting of two coloured panels.
Ideal for the holiday home, whether at the seaside, in the country or in mountain resorts.

Original and unique! The first fly-screen designed for pressure mounting.
No drill, no holes in the wall

Fly-screen for roller shutters.
A unique patented flyscreen suitable for all roller shutters.


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